Opportunity Costs. One of the scarce resources that constrain our behavior is time. Each of us has only 24 hours in a day.
September 3, 2020
Is a monopolistically competitive firm productively efficient?
September 3, 2020

your are the manager, write a essay how are you going apply the concepts we have discussed in class

the subject is managerial economics author- Mcguigan, moyer, harris

some of main concepts are below he discussed in class write 2 page essay how we apply there concepts

1. Introduction and goals of the firm

2. Fundamental economic concepts

3. Demand analysis

4. production economics

5.production economics of renewable and exhaustible natural resources, advanced material

6.cost analysis

7.applications of cost theory.

8.prices, output, and strategy: pure and monopolistic competition.

9. price and output determination: monopoly and dominant firms.

10. estimating demand.

11. problems in applying the linear regression model.

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