given z=f(x,y)=x 2 +y 2 /2, g(t)=f(x 0 +th, y 0 +tk), h and k are arbitrary. suppose(x 0, y 0 ) is a point where f(x,y) is minimized.
September 3, 2020
In the aggregate expenditures model, if aggregate expenditures are higher than real GDP: there are unplanned decreases in inventories.actual real…
September 3, 2020

135. You have just received seed money for a new e-commerce business and you want to hire a

dozen people with a high level of creative potential. To hire the most creative people, you

would select applicants who:

A. have no experience in this industry, have hi

gh analytic intelligence, a

nd have a relatively low

need for achievement.

B. value self-direction, have a high degree of nonconformity, and have a relatively low need for


C. have strong mental models regarding their field of knowledge, have high synthetic

intelligence, and have a relatively

low need for social approval.

D. try to avoid taking risks, have a high need for achievement, and have a high need for social


E. have none of these sets of characteristics

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