Discuss the intersection of the “quick fix” mindset with the disease prevention/health promotion approach. They appear to be counter to each other.
September 3, 2020
Jimmy will have $85979 in wealth and a utility of 336 when he is healthy and $38400 in wealth and a utility of 206 when he is ill. What is Jimmy’s
September 3, 2020

Written Assignment 6Answer the following questions. Each of your answers should be an essay of 250 to 350 words (with a typical font and spacing this will be about 1 to 1-1/2 pages). Refer to the lectures and the texts as needed.You are player 2 in the Ultimatum Game. Player 1 has offered you $10 . Does it make a difference to you if player 1 is dividing $12, $20, or $100? Why? Does it make a difference to you if player 1 is offering his own money, dividing money that he won in a previous game, or dividing money given to him for division? Why? Does it make a difference if player 1 is an individual, an organization, or a computer? Why?Discuss any “tragedy of the commons” example not already discussed in the lectures or texts, analyzing the elements involved using game theory.We saw in our hawk/dove game that a polymorphic ESS exists with a population of 70 percent hawks and 30 percent doves. But we could consider a mutant phenotype in this game that acts as a hawk 70 percent of the time and a dove 30 percent of the time. Show that this phenotype is a monomorphic ESS—it cannot be successfully invaded by either hawks or doves.

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