In January 2015, several large multinational corporations announced lower than expected earnings for the fourth quarter of 2014. Many blamed the…
September 3, 2020
D) P= -0.5Q + 400 (S) P = 0.5Q + 200 World price: Pw = 210 Tariff: t = 50 $/unit – Calculate: * Domestic production before and after tariff.
September 3, 2020

Choose one or more:

A. charging more for first-class airline tickets than for economy tickets 

B. charging more for a hardcover book that comes out before the same book in paperback

C. charging full price for brand-new designer clothing and discounting last season’s fashions

D. special discounts for repeat buyers 

E. charging high prices for brand-new models of smartphones

F. offering special parking for expectant mothers 

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