We are working on supply and demand in my economics class.

We are working on supply and demand in my economics class. I need to explain in writing using economic terms what is happening in the market and then provide graphical analysis of market activity for the scenarios below. I also need to write the new strategic plan for the firm. I am confused where to even start!!

Firm 1: Auto repair shop

Dear Economist,

Scenario 1: When we first set-up shop in our town, we had so many customers, cars were lined-up down the street. Lately, however, my workers have been complaining that there is not enough work to do. I am confused since our prices have not changed. When we opened, our prices were so low, we were overbooked and had to turn customers away!

Scenario 2: We were working as quickly as we could when several new neighborhoods were built, and a new highway was constructed through town. Our customer base grew but I refused to raise prices! After some time, another auto shop opened in town and they matched our prices. Then additional auto shops opened and began to compete and lower prices. I thought we offered great service at a fair price and refused to change. After all, we are the best!

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