Vision And The Flight Environment

Answer the following four discussion questions:

1. The eye is an amazing part of the human system. To truly appreciate its inner workings, first compare and contrast the photoreceptors of the eye, then discuss the vision.jpgkey differences between focal and peripheral vision, and finally explain what the “physiological” blind spot is

2. In aviation, visual illusions can be interpreted as quite real events. One particular visual illusion which has proven to be quite deadly in aviation is the “black hole” illusion. With that said, describe what a “black hole” illusion is, what corrective action to take in-flight, and how an aviator can prevent it from occurring.

3. Hearing is another important sense in the aviation environment. Please discuss three types of hearing loss and what treatment or methods are available to mitigate hearing loss.

4. Discuss why you believe that vision is considered to be the most important sense in the flight environment.

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