Question 1 Visit the Heritage Foundation website page for the Index of Economic Freedom, How does economic…
September 3, 2020
A delivery truck manager takes a sample of 25 delivery trucks and calculates the sample mean and sample standard deviation for the cost of operation….
September 3, 2020

suppose the project will finish within 6 years (Starting from year 0). Follow your instructor instructions about the value of:

Discount Rate 8%

Cost for every year 20000

Benefits for every year 250000

Your task is to calculate the following:

Discount factor for every year.

Discounted Benefits for every year.

Discounted Cost for every year.

Discounted Benefits-Cost for every year

Cumulative Benefits – Cost

Calculate NPV

Calculate ROI

Determine the payback in which year (If possible).

Explain the situation of your project. (over, under, behind the budget). What your value means ?

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