Scenario 1: Assume that the government imposed a price ceiling on gasoline in order to prevent prices from getting too high. What are the economic
September 3, 2020
whats the answer to number 38 Recently Apple Computer developed Apple’s new iTunes Music Store, which offers more than 200,000 songs from five major…
September 3, 2020


2. Consider the data above for Tyrovia, a country that produces only two products: guns and butter. Calculate Real GDP for Tyrovia for 2013 using 2005 as the base year.  Also calculate nominal GDP for Tyrovia in 2013.

1DETERMINE Nominal and Real GDP.The answer to question 1.PRODUCTSweatshirts QUANTITY (Q)50 PRICE $ (P)35 Q.P ($)1,750 Dental exams 40 75 3,000 Coffee DrinksCoffee Beans 1,0002,000 40.5…

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