Topic: Value of communication in the workplace part 2 Type: Research PaperSubject: LogisticsPages: 2 , Double Spacing (275 words/page)Academic level: UndergraduateSources: 5Style: APAOrder Description

Topic: Value of communication in the workplace part 2

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    Research PaperSubject:


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    2 , Double Spacing (275 words/page)Academic level:


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this research has a few part to it. we are on part 2 which is now i have to do an outline for it. part 1 was just the 5 sources for the paper you will use the same one. so all the information will be the same. part 3 will be just doing the paper itself. i will like the same person for soucre to do the rest of it. outline information:read pages 87-96. but follow the format below for completing assignment 10* for the informal outline assignment. developing an outline developing an outline, even an informal one, can be very helpful as you approach a research paper assignment. the process involved causes you to organize your thoughts and continue the research process. the assignment for this module is to create and submit an informal outline of your research paper. no heading or numbering formatting is required. introduction – this is where you introduce the audience to your topic. you might start out with a startling statistic that you found while doing your research. you might use a strong quote to draw the reader in to your paper. the introduction paragraph is where you “tell them what you are going to tell them”. body – the body is where you provide support for your thesis statement through expanding on the major issues you found in your research. because this particular paper is limited to 5 pages of text, three major points are about as much as you can hope to adequately cover. this means that you will have 3 subheadings in the body. major point #1 major point #2 major point #3 conclusion – the conclusion is where you “tell them what you told them”. a brief review of your thesis statement and how your 3 major points either support or detract from that thesis statement should be included in the conclusion. the conclusion should also include your final thoughts and opinions regarding the topic

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