Topic Paper Assignment: Your week 1 topic paper subject is an analysis of Facebook.

Topic Paper Assignment:Your week 1 topic paper subject is an analysis of Facebook. Do some research on the company and write an analysis of it that utilizes and centers on our week 1 reading material as well as our week 1 discussion regarding a low-friction economy.Include in your paper sections on how Facebook has a. impacted, and b. been impacted by, the technological and other changes that comprise a low-friction economy. Also, look at Facebook in terms of the material in our week 1 reading, which includes, among other topics, supply and demand, elasticity, and other related topics.Be sure to correctly document your outside sources with footnotes and a proper bibliography. If you have questions on how to do so, you can find information on that subject via the Webster Library link. Presentation is important, so treat a Topic Paper as a short Research Paper. Research papers have a title page, page numbers, footnotes, and follow APA standards of presentation. Ensure that your presentation allows your good ideas to come across clearly to the paper’s readers.You are free to utilize the Internet in your research, but, if you do so, remember that the best and most accurate sources are first person. As an example, a report about Facebook from a recorded interview, the company website, a reputable publication such as Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Inc., etc. is always preferable to a second or third-person account provided on Wikipedia, a blog, etc.It is often useful to see an example of what your instructor considers a good submittal, so I have attached a sample topic paper from an earlier Business 6120 class that received a score of 90%.Textbook info:Managerial Economics and Business Strategy (71h ed.)Michael R. BayeChapter 1 -The Fundamentals of Managerial Economics2010McGraw-Hill I IrwinNew York, NY

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