To Whom Are Nurses Accountable?

To Whom Are Nurses Accountable?

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Write a one-page paper (APA formatted) entitiled, ?To Whom Are Nurses Accountable?? based upon the following scenario:

An advanced practice nurse is employed by a regional medical center. Her duties are to perform H&P?s, write pre-operative orders, and order and interpret preoperative lab studies on patients admitted to short stay surgery. The hospital provides this service to surgeons who choose to participate. The nurse must know the usual pre-operative regimen of each participating surgeon.

In grading this assignment I will look for evidence that the student
1. Clearly describes accountability as related to ethics
2. Identifies various entities to which the nurse is accountable, including the patient, society, the hospital, the physician and so forth.
3. Prioritizes accountability and gives rationale based upon ethical principles and the Code of Ethics for Nurses.

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