Option #1: Transformational Leader with Vision Transformation leaders are viewed as change agents in their organization. They develop, build, model and encourage the vision for the organization. Choo
September 20, 2020
Research Paper – Research in E-Commerce Purpose: To research a topic of interest in e-commerce; to demonstrate learning of course content, and ability to analyze a business topic in e-commerce as an o
September 20, 2020

This is the topic related to E- Commerce and do according to the question.

You are leading the information technology department for a fast-growth e-commerce start-up. You are in charge of development of the company’s Web site. Consider your options for building the site in-house with existing staff or outsourcing the entire operation. Decide which strategy you believe is in your company’s best interest and create a brief presentation outlining your position. Explain why you chose that approach? What are the estimated resource requirements (people [knowledge & skill-sets], software & hardware, time,) and associated costs, compared with the alternative? (You’ll need to make some assumptions and some educated guesses here—don’t worry about being exact.)

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