Quality Improvement (QI) Rubric: Corresponds to Course Objectives 1, 2, 5 1. Introduction and thesis statement telling the reader the purpose of paper and what will be discussed. /1 point 2. Discuss your current or future microsystem by incorporating the 5Ps (purpose, patient/problem, providers, processes & patterns) in your discussion. Be sure to provide peer reviewed references in aIDition to your selected article to help support this section. /3 points 3. Integrate the IOM aims in your discussion to support why change is needed to improve the: safety, timeliness, efficiency, effectiveness, equitable, and patient centeredness of your microsystem. The QI article should be used to support this information along with other resources. /4 points 4. Compare the difference between process and outcome measures. Then, explain how both the process measures and outcome measures will impact your facility by specifically aIDressing what will be measured, who will do the measurement, how often and where you would find this data. /2 points 5. Form a clinical question and PICO based on the information from this assignment. Your PICO will reflect your practice not your article. Provide this information using the headings: Population, Intervention, Comparison and Outcome. Then finalize your clinical question below the PICO. See example below: Population: Be sure to include Inclusion and Exclusion criteria in this section Intervention: Be specific Comparison: Be specific (if appropriate) Outcome: Be sure this section is measureable Clinical Question: / 3 points 6. Conclusion: Summarize essential points of the paper. /1 point 7. Cross post: Provide a cross post to at least one peer. Discussion must be substantial, aIDing to the original discussion. Avoid simply responding to peers with a “good discussion” or re-stating what was already discussed. /1 point 8. Deductions: Up to 20% of the total points for this assignment may be deducted for an overall lack of scholarship to include: • APA errors • Grammatical errors • Incorrect spelling • Over the page limit •Document not submitted as a PDF, not named appropriately, etc. • Be sure to include a copy of the QI article merged to your paper. A 1 point deduction will be taken for not including the merged copy of the article. Submitting the incorrect type of article will result in a 10% deduction in your overall grade. These points will be aIDed into the overall Deductions and will be cumulative, i.e. you may have a 5 % deduction for grammatical and reference errors, and an incorrect article submitted (10%) creating a total deduction of 15% off your total score. Faculty will notpre-approve articles or guidelines for students. Students are required to apply information technology and research methods to investigate the best evidence which is part of the course objectives of NU 608. TOTAL: /15 points Maximum page limit: 5-6 pages excluding title page, references, article and cross posts. You should have a minimum of 3 peer reviewed references in aIDition to your quality improvement article chosen. All references should be current within 5 years of today’s date. Submission Process: Initial Forum submission:You do not have to submit a copy of your article in the forum, but the article information should be listed in the reference section for peers to review if desired/necessary. Assignment area: submit your completed discussion which should include: title page, initial discussion, reference, cross post, references, and article merged together in 1 file as a pdf by the cross post due date listed in the course schedule. You will submit your assignment to turn it in directly within the course site. Please understand that course policy does not permit resubmission of assignments; however, we have included this re-submission option for incidental mishaps occurring prior to assignment due date, such as someone forgetting to convert their assignments to pdf format, forgetting to merge turnitin report, etc. Assignment feedback:Once paper is graded, you will find the assignment grade in the gradebook. The reviewed paper will be found where you uploaded your assignment. Feedback can be seen by downloading the paper to your computer and then re-opening papers. Once you open the paper, you should see comments throughout your paper. Please note, that you will not be able to access feedback on the papers through the gradebook. Please contact faculty for questions about feedback or grade.

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