Principles and Practices of Global Business (Marketing and Communication)
November 28, 2021
Qantas Airlines
November 28, 2021


review and refer to the short essay, “”The Ways of Meeting Oppression” by Dr. Martin Luther King pp. 467-470 while you are writing the essay response. Look for the thematic point of the essay often defined as its message, meaning, or moral.

?Provide supporting details in the body paragraphs by quoting or paraphrasing some of the words of Dr. King’s essay and using parenthetical citation.

?Create a Work Cited page at the end by listing the essay by the author’s name (last and then first) the title of the essay, the date of publication, and the publishing information from the course textbook. See my example citation on the Start Here page.

a. Completely avoid using the second person point of view

b. Avoid using the first person point of view.

c. Avoid slang, cliches, dialect.

d. Avoid contractions

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