Assignment 2: Marketing Plan
November 27, 2021
Social Issues-Final Paper
November 27, 2021

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This module aims to:

 Introduce students to relevant schools of psychological theory (e.g. Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Behaviourist, and Cognitive).

 Develop students understanding of key concepts and theories in developmental and social psychology including theories of the self, personality, attachment, identity, learning, cognitive, moral and identity development, attitudes, prejudice, and aggression.

LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES : Students will, by the end of the module, have the opportunity to:

 Engage in debates about the relative merits of psychological theory when seeking to understand criminal and deviant behaviour

 Demonstrate sound knowledge of the basic underlying theoretical, conceptual and methodological frameworks within psychology, social psychology and developmental psychology

 Evaluate and interpret that theory within the context of the criminal justice system and develop lines of argument in accordance with those frameworks.

Assignment Details:

Outline 3 psychological theories covered during the module and how they might help aid our understanding of criminal behaviour.

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