How important is one’s economic position compared to other criteria (e.g., race, gender, life style) in determine ranking in a community?
September 3, 2020
There has been discussion about whether the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act actually reduces deficits and what will happen to U.S. debt. What do you think? Watch this video: U.S. Deficit to Surpass $1 Trillio
September 3, 2020

the marginal revenue curve of a monopoly crosses its marginal cost curve at $30 per unit, and an output of 2 million units. The price that consumers are willing and able to pay for this output is $40 per unit. Ifit produces this output, the firm’s average total cost is $43 per unit, and its average fixed cost is $8 per unit.What is the profit maximizing output? What are the firm’s economic profits?

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