Human Resource Report
November 27, 2021
society and the culture assignment
November 27, 2021


Title of Project Proposal (20 words)
This needs to be well defined, precise and clearly written.
It may well contain phrases such as;
‘An investigation into …’…; …
‘A critical analysis/appraisal of …’.
‘An investigation to establish/analyse the impact of …’
‘A comparison between …’

1.0 Introduction (150 words)

1.1 Purpose:

Academic significance of topic area, (up to two sentences)
Business context where the problem resides, (up to three sentences)
Aim of the research project, (end the purpose section with):
Therefore, the aim the proposed study is …
‘to investigate …’,
‘to research …’
‘to analyse/evaluate/compare …’
‘to critically evaluate …’, or
‘to survey or to assess …’ or a combination of the above

1.2 Academic topic area and general business context of the problem

An explanation of the general and specific academic areas in which the problem is situated and the general
significance and impact of the problem on business operations in general. 1.3 Specific business context of the problem (this may be a business organisation

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