(5 pts.) The ABC Bank of Bermuda has outstanding checkable deposits of $300,000 and a reserve ratio of 10%.
September 3, 2020
rces of income distribution disruption over the past several years?What policies do you recommend to address the sources of disruption you identified?…
September 3, 2020

The expenditures or output approach to GDP measures it by summing up:

a. Compensation of employees, rents, interest, dividends, undistributed corporate profits, proprietors’ income, indirect business taxes paid, consumption of fixed capital, and net foreign factor income earned in the United States

b. Compensation of employees, rents, interest, dividends, corporate profits, proprietors’ income, and indirect business taxes, and subtracting the consumption of fixed capital

c. The total spending for consumption, investment, net exports, and government purchases

d. The total spending for consumption and government purchases, but subtracting public and private transfer payments

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