The Evoluton of 3-D Visualisation Technology: What does it mean for the future of Interior Design

-start with a brief introduction of history of digital technology. E.g. many technological development results from war ie computer graphics (Ivan Sutherland) at Bell Laboratories in the 50s

-Pick examples of technological advances in Architectural visualisation using specific case studies and discuss critically ( both positive and negative ideas with references)

-research on how technology influences interior design eg. ( example: McDavitt, T 1999, ‘How Technology Influences Interior Design’, College Planning & Management, 2, 8, pp. 37-39, ERIC, EBSCOhost, viewed 20 June 2016.)

-Specify on visualisation technologies and define technology (digital techology)

-Discuss technology in relation to architecture (ie Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality ) and use specific examples. (Few examples I found were Zaha Hadid Architects who used an iPAD app that used augmented reality to model windflow and services diagrams designed by Inition. Inition also designed 3D AR app to aid Zaha Hadid’s other designs. Gaudi’s sagrada familia’s designs are also completed by aid of AR tech. Arch Virtual is a company that produces virtual reality applications for makers of buildings of all kinds.Using computer models, basically the digital blueprints, Arch Virtual develops a fully immersive animation of the building’s interior.Once you dip into the Oculus Rift D2K, you can examine the stove top, the floors, the comforter on the bed. VR Global – This VR company specializes in real estate solutions, and creates VR experiences for Oculus and Samsung Gear VR. The agent slaps the headset on a client and whisks them into homes across the globe.– Our friends who offer the college campus tours also take real estate listings. These work with Oculus Rift. one New York-based company, IrisVR, uses its software to create VR-compatible 3D models which allow clients to feel like they’re actually in a building, walking through the rooms and really getting a sense of the scale and feel of a space.

IrisVR also works with engineers and designers, letting them see their creations up close without needing to go through the lengthy and expensive prototyping process.

Claims should be supported with evidence.

Talk about how we go from idea to realisation. Why do we visualise architecture? Talk about the inventions which changed the visualisation of architecture- the drawing board, the model, the desktop computer, the printer, the plotter, the 3d printer, AR and VR.

Make lots of footnotes and references throughout the essay.
Use also images throughout to provide visual examples and include image sources.
Reference to Envisioning Cyberspace, Peter Anderson. Neil Spiller. The Digital turn in Architecture, Mario Carpo. Form + Code, Casey Reas
Please provide a balanced, critical thesis and in conclusion, discuss whether anything is lost through the digitalisation age.
Preferably include a list of illustrations in the bibliography section.

p.s.Ultimately I want the printouts to have a format of a magazine, so it would be great to incorporate many images of high resolution.


Marking criterias:

Demonstrate critical understanding of historical and contemporary debates within interior and spatial design based on a coherent and detailed analysis of key aspects of practice and theory. (Marking Criteria: Analysis, Subject Knowledge)

2. Carry out sustained, systematic critical/practical research, using relevant resources and appropriate methods of analysis, enquiry and experimentation, and demonstrating the distinction between your ideas and those of others. (Marking Criteria: Research, Analysis, Experimentation)

3. Apply appropriate processes, skills and methods to realise your ideas and consolidate your critical position in a coherent body of work, acknowledging your sources through accurate referencing. (Marking Criteria: Technical Competence)

4. Use effective communication and presentation skills appropriate to theoretical and practical outcomes in order to articulate complex ideas and arguments convincingly and clearly. (Marking Criteria: Communication and Presentation)


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