Suppose that the T-account for Scotiabank is as follows: Assets: Reserves: $8,100 Loans: $72,900 Liabilities: Deposits:
September 3, 2020
What should the contracting officer have done as soon as the engineer told her he needed the custom trash cans? Refused to make the purchase There was nothing the contracting officer could do because she had to meet the needs of her customer Gone straight to the HCA to complain about the engineer’s request. Asked the engineer to document why competition was limited for the acquisition.
September 3, 2020

The buildings and grounds maintenance division requires 40 drums of No. 2 cleaning solvent at an estimated cost of $500 per drum. Given the expected dollar value of the acquisition ($20,000), what method of publication, if any, is required?

  1. Synopsizing in the government wide point of entry
  2. Calling three vendors for a quote.
  3. None. No publicizing is required.
  4. Displaying a notice or copy of the solicitation in a public place or by electronic means.
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