Suppose in the United States, one worker can produce 10 tons of steel per day or 20 tons of chemicals per day.
September 3, 2020
My question is this: You expect to receive a payment of $600 one year from now. The discount rate is 6% What is the present value of the payment to
September 3, 2020

Suppose there are two firms A and B in the market and the market demand is P = 50 – Q, where P is the price per unit and Q is the total quantity produced by the two firms (the sum of QA and QB ). The marginal cost of producing the product is $10 for both firms and fixed costs are zero. Determine how much should firm A produce at the Cournot equilibrium. Determine what would be the price if both firms would produce at the Cournot equilibrium. Multiple choice answer selection: (23.33,13.33,22,26.66,26)

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