New “green belt” areas have been created to beautify the grounds around Tampa Power and Light Company. The green cover has created an external…
September 5, 2020
Suppose that money supply unexpectedly increases to 4488. Using the AD-AS model calculate the short run and medium run impacts of such an increase in…
September 5, 2020

Suppose that a worker in Cornland can grow either 40 bushels of corn or 10 bushels of oats per year, and a worker in Oatland can grow either 5 bushels of corn or 50 bushels of oats per year. There are 20 workers in Cornland and 20 workers in Oatland. If the two countries do not trade, Cornland will produce and consume 400 bushels of corn and 100 bushels of oats, while Oatland will produce and consume 60 bushels of corn and 400 bushels of oats. If each country made the decision to specialize in producing the good in which it has a comparative advantage, then the combined yearly output of the two countries would increase by………….how do I work this problem out

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