Compare and contrast the theories of Freud and Jung with reference to at least two key concepts or ideas.
November 27, 2021
Quantitively In Heart Failure Patient Discussion
November 27, 2021


We use processes to do most things. Think of some of your personal routines you have a regular process that you use to get each of them done. What do you do to get into work every day? You have a process that you use to get through work – How to Work. There were small chunks of tasks associated with that process.

Now think about getting things done in a business setting. For example: ATM dispensing money; filling in petrol; checking out your purchases at a supermarket; registration for a place at a university; purchasing air-ticket online and many others.


For this assignment, you are required to map out the process that you observed from one of the many business transactions you have personally experienced. Think how you can improve the process to make it better.

(i) Draw a process flow diagram BEFORE and AFTER the suggestion you are making for improvements. You can draw by hand and scan it.

(ii) Explain in 500 words (max) how your suggestion(s) can make a difference to the company and to the customers.


Remember you have to give enough substance for each assignment to reflect a level of mastery in the topic.

Give your work the time and effort to demonstrate your understanding and grasp of the topic.

Simply put: Don’t submit skeletal work.

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