Submit your answers to the following questions in the unit 13 drop box. You must explain your answer and provide your supporting computations.

Submit your answers to the following questions in the unit 13 drop box. You must explain your answer and provide your supporting computations. Yes/No answers or simple numbers are not acceptable and will not receive full credit.

1.  Would a dynamic approach to taxation be more likely to lead to economic growth than the static approach in a country with a falling tax base?  What about in a country with a growing tax base?

2.  If free riders cannot be excluded from consumption of a good at a reasonable cost, is this a public good?

3.  Should everyone else be taxed in order to provide you with free movies?

4.  The U.S. government decides to remove all restrictions on drug imports and as a result there is an increase in the number of deaths due to adverse selection.  Is this the same result as with a negative externality?  Could a solution to the asymmetric information problem be the same as with a negative externality?

5.  What is a tax cartel and how would it effect your ability to evaluate the relative production costs among firms in a given industry that are conducting business within countries belonging to the tax cartel?

6.  Why is it important for less developed countries to protect intellectual property rights?  Is there any incentive for a less developed country to choose not to protect intellectual property rights?

7.  City officials contract with organized crime to clean up a polluted area but instead of taking the pollution to a designated dump site that is farther away the crime syndicate dumps the pollution in the local river.  Does the intersection of the increasing marginal cost of pollution abatement and the diminishing marginal benefit of pollution abatement produce a socially desirable outcome?

ANSWERS UNIT 13Question OneA country’s choice on how it will implement its revenue has very vital impacts. The choice of bettermethods for estimating revenue makes it easier to implement the…

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