standard definition for the practice of health education

Exploring Health Education in the 21st Century (week1 )

Is there a standard definition for the practice of health education?
Most definitions that apply to the field of health education agree that in practice, health education comprises a combination of learning experiences that target both individuals and communities to improve health by increasing awareness and influencing behaviors or attitudes. These elements of a definition for health education may certainly apply to individual health educators. However, as it concerns the study of health itself, there exist multiple perspectives and considerations that are central to the promotion of health behavior that may serve to differentiate one health educator’s definition of their profession from another’s.
For this Discussion, review the media piece, Belize: Health Overview and the Learning Resources for this week. Consider how the definition, as well as the profession of health education has evolved and changed. Think about a population and health issue that you would be interested in working with and reflect on how you might design and implement a prevention program for this population and health issue. Review the levels of prevention and how they may relate to your health issue of interest.

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