Human Service Professional Practitioner Assignment
November 27, 2021
A Case for the Death Penalty Paper
November 27, 2021


The social determinants of health influence the health and well-being of individuals and communities. Identification and measurement of these factors is required in order to reduce health inequalities, inform policy-making and enhance service provision. 

You are a public health specialist working for a health improvement organisation. You have been asked to take a lead role, working with the wider public health team, to identify the actions required to improve health and tackle inequalities. In an essay of 3,000 words critically analyse and evaluate ways in which the team will identify the factors that impact on health and well-being in in one geographical area. 

There is one assessment associated with the module – a coursework assignment of 3,000 words, which will enable you to demonstrate that you have achieved all of the learning outcomes of the module.

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