SLP Resources for Health Care Professionals

SLP Resources for Health Care Professionals
1) To give a complete outline of the program for which you are seeking a grant.

2) To pick one service that will be provided in your program and describe it in detail. Include descriptions of what kinds of support and information your service will provide, what type of personnel will work in this service, and where the service will be available (freestanding clinic, educational institution, government/public building or outreach).

3) Finally, to restate the goals and outcomes you hope to achieve if you receive the requested funding for your program.

Submit SLP 5 when it is completed.

Recommended Length: 12 – 15 pages typed and double-spaced.

Due on the first day of Module 6.


The following items in particular will be assessed:

1) Create a grant proposal for an educational public health program related to prevention and management of high-risk behaviors in teens and young adults. How does the final version of your proposal accomplish your original goals?

2) Application of modular readings when appropriate (APA formatting not required).


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