Sexual Harassment

This Writing Assignment is required to provide students with the opportunity to:
Investigate a “subtopic” of special interest associated with any of the major topics aIDressed during the course, including: the court system, the legal process, remedies, employment-at-will and exceptions, constitutional law, drug testing, Title VII, EEOC, and discrimination based on race, color, national origin disability, age, workplace bullying, privacy issues, workers’ compensation, whistleblower protection, family and medical leave act, non-compete and confidentiality agreements or employment related torts.
Acquire in depth knowledge about a “subtopic” of choice – expanding one’s knowledge base beyond the basic course curriculum.
Reflect on facts, theories, and opinions associated with the subtopic of choice. Develop or change an opinion about the subject.
Communicate knowledge about chosen topic, offering learning community members an opportunity to increase their knowledge on a subtopic topic associated with the base course curriculum.
Communicate one’s opinion on the subtopic, using critical thinking skills to form the opinion and writing skills to communicate one’s thoughts.
IMPORTANT You must cite your sources and provide works cited. You also must include citations in MLA or APA format within the text of your document. Significant points will be deducted from any paper that does not include proper citations. Please do not cite to law firm web sites. Law firms are trying to solicit clients. In Employment law, law firms usually represent either employers or workers – few represent both. As such, their web sites are designed to attract the clients they seek to represent. Therefore, the information contained therein may not be completely accurate as the information provided may be skewed to either a management or employee perspective. The general rule is to not cite any websites that do not end in .gov or .edu. Please d not cite to websites such as Wikipedia or ehow as information found on those sites may not be reliable. The exception to this rule is for those who choose workplace bullying as their topic. Since this is a fairly new area and the law here is not developed I will allow citations from other web sites.

Choose your subtopic. Research your subtopic. Develop your writing assignment using the following format:
AID here – no more than 500 words
Opinion Statement

AID here – no more than 150 words
Resource Citations

At least 2 resources – properly cited


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