1, Consider an economy where, consumer’s utility function is given as U(C,L)=C-(1/2)L2 . where C is consumption and L is labor. The production…
September 3, 2020
Define the nominal exchange rate of Mexico with respect to the US.One dollar currently buys 3 pounds on the foreign exchange market. In a week’s time…
September 3, 2020

Select your organization (APPLE) and a product produced by that organization from IndustryWeek.

The organization’s strategic plan calls for an aggressive growth plan, requiring investment in facilities and equipment, growth in productivity, and labor over the next five years. It is your team’s task to determine where, outside the United States, your organization should locate its new manufacturing plant. (OFF SHORE PLANT IS THE BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS BVI)

In 250+ words write about how the country’s financial system is related to key macroeconomic variables.

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