RParslow_M444_M4_A4.3CPs Chapter 7 pg. 245-247 1. Given the following inventory information, perform an ABC analysis. ITEM NUMBER UNIT COST $$ B8867…

5. Through process measuring a number of pizza delivery times, mary janes pizzeria finds the mean of all samples to be 27.4 minutes, with an average sample range of 5.2 minutes. They tracked 4 deliveries per hour for 18 hours to obtain their samples.

a. is this an example of variable or attribute sampling data?

b. Find the UCL and LCL for both the x – and R-Charts.

7. Roberto’s steak house tracks customer complaints every day and then follows up with their customers to resolve problems. For the past 30 days, they received a total of 22 complaints from unhappy customers. Using this information, calculate

a. c

b. The 3 sigma control limits

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