I was having trouble with this question: If the nominal GDP is $559 billion in the base year, and it rises to 577 in Year 1, and 605 in Year 2, what is the real GDP in each year, given that the price index has risen from 100 to 104.5 in the first year and up to 108.3 in the second year? If the price index 20 years before the base year was 41.2, and the nominal GDP for 20 years before the base year was 191.0, what was the real GDP for that year? Show your work in all cases.
September 3, 2020
What is the FED’s job and how does the FED manage the money supply? How do banks create money? Let’s explore these questions as we talk about the role of the Federal Reserve Bank, also known as the
September 3, 2020

Respond to the following:We are setting the stage for looking at the various steps of the OD process and for understanding the theory and practice of a broad variety of OD methods. We start by looking at corporate culture. Culture influences everything that happens in organizations. Edgar Schein, prominent organizational psychologist and pioneer in the field of organizational development, says that corporate cultures have paradigms, or sets of interlacing assumptions that constitute the primary belief systems. In times of rapid change, these belief systems frequently prevent rapid, necessary shifts in management and organizational processes.(At least 250 words)

Above paragraph related to OD (organization development) process which is defined on thebasis of theories and practical of the Organizational development given by experts. Thetheory corporate…

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