Quality Management in Coca Cola
November 27, 2021
Case Study and Care Plan
November 27, 2021

Part 1
– Identify and analyze 20-25 important details that are
– Compose a 1-2 sentence ARGUMENT about your topic. Be specific. Remember, arguments must be provable, narrow and argumentative. You must have one argument that covers both text/movie

Part 2
– Write an argumentative essay using your work from the previous steps. Must be 1500 words.

The structure of this essay should be:

– Brief introduction: introduce your topic/the focus of your essay
– express a clear, argumentative thesis statement in 1-2 sentences
– Body paragraphs
– Brief conclusion

– Address the relevant evidence that you gathered in Part 1 in your essay’s body paragraphs. Note: there will be evidence that you will not use because it is not directly relevant to your argument. Choose the most appropriate and effective of your detail and analysis pairings. Each paragraph must use the following structure:

– PARAGRAPH TOPIC addressing a portion of your thesis
– EVIDENCE (direct quotations) and ANALYSIS in full sentences (repeat for each relevant detail)
– CONCLUSION linking back to the thesis
-Employ effective and proper grammar, spelling, stylistics and structure.
– Format the assignment according to MLA specifications, including a properly formatted list of works cited. Ensure that all references to the text/movie whether direct quotations or not are appropriately cited (and that the primary texts is in your list of works cited)

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