Question Completion Status: QUESTION 3 0.5 points Saved Price Level LHAS GDP Deflator 2005 =100) SRAS SRAS AD2 Real GDP (2005 Billions USD) Suppose

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Question Completion Status:QUESTION 30.5 pointsSavedPrice LevelLHASGDP Deflator2005 =100)SRASSRASAD2Real GDP (2005 Billions USD)Suppose the economy is initially at point C. If there is a decrease in aggregate demand, what is the final economy’s equilibrium pointin the long-run?QUESTION 41.5 points/SavedSuppose the real GDP in an economy currently equals to 160 million USD, and the potential real GDP equals to 180, and thegovernment expenditures multiplier is 4. The government has to increase, its expenditures by ….. in order to bring the economy tots long-run real GDP equilibriumQUESTION 51.2 points/ SavedIf the tax multiplier is – 3. An increase of 150 in taxes , will lead to a change of GDP ofQUESTION 60.5 pointsSavedSuppose the real GDP in an economy is currently equal 13100 billion USD, and the potential real GDP equals to 13700 billion USD,and the government expenditures multiplier is 4.Ceteris Paribus, what is the amount of government expenditures that could bring the economy back to its real GDP equilibrium.Click Save and Submit to save and submit. Click Save All Answers to save all answers.Save All AnswersSave and Submit

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