Hi This is concerning the standard trade model so, Qc= quantity of cloth Qf= quantity of food Pc= price of cloth Pf= price of food V=aQc^2+Qf^2 is
September 3, 2020
How does carbon tax affect/impact the transport sector in Australia.
September 3, 2020

Question 14

When firms invest less because people are saving less, it is called the:

a. international trade effect.

b. wealth effect.

c. interest rate effect.

d. investment effect.

e. savings effect.

Question 15

Today, not all regions of the world enjoy the same level of annual real per capita gross domestic product (GDP). The regions that have higher levels of real per capita GDP probably also have:

a. growth-promoting institutions like property rights.

b. lower levels of government spending.

c. very little new business formation and job growth.

d. higher income tax rates.

e. higher rates of poverty.

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