EC100 Lent Term Mock Exam Part I TO BE HANDED TO YOUR CLASS TEACHER BY FRIDAY OF WEEK 6 (FEB 22′”d ). Instructions to candidates [for Actual Exam}…
September 3, 2020
Using Excel sheet, suppose the project will finish within 6 years (Starting from year 0). Follow your instructor instructions about the value of:
September 3, 2020

Question 1

Visit the Heritage Foundation website page for the Index of Economic Freedom, How does economic freedom in the U.S. compare to countries in South America and in Europe? How would you expect future economic growth in the U.S. to compare to those nations? Explain.

Question 2

Go to the CIA’s World Fact book website, For the United States, Switzerland, Sweden, and Hong Kong go to their Economy pages and report each country’s “GDP composition by end use” for the components of GDP. Based on what you have learned thus far in this course, discuss in your view which country’s economic system has an advantage over the others. Feel free to first explore the other Fact book pages for each country, which may help inform your opinion.

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