Public Relations and Sponsorship for THE Brief

Scenario : You are a PR consultant and have been engaged by a tourism, hosptiality or event organisation to produce a portfolio of work comprising of specific tasks.


Select a real-life organisation/company that  you are particularly interested in as your client.  This can be a large or small organisation, that must be currently in operation.  You can select a large government organisation, a charity, or a commercial business for example.  You may consider selecting an organisation that has featured in the media recently as this can provide you with context and evidence to support aspects of your work.


Section 1 – Compulsory


Write an introductory statement that provides a critical analysis of that company’s public relations and  overall reputation.  Include references to the academic theory to support your arguments. 


Include a recommendation evaluating the types of PR and/or sponsorship activities that are most appropriate to the organisation’s current situation.  This will include a rationale of your choice of tools from the ones listed below.


Word count : Approximately 750 words (+/- 10%).


Sections 2, 3 and 4


Select 3 out of the 7 options below and write the following documents for your client:


• A press release 

• A social media staff training manual

• A PR crisis communication staff briefing note

• A sponsorship partners selection criteria guide

• A stakeholder/sponsor relationship management plan 

• A media event checklist 

• A familiarisation visit toolkit


Word count : Approximately 750 words (+/- 10%) for each section.


A minimum of 5 factual/news sources AND 5 academic sources (textbooks and academic journals) are required in support of the portfolio in order to pass this assessment. References must be listed in a separate section within the portfolio.

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