PSY-7510 Active Bibliography


PSY-7510 Active Bibliography

The bibliography that follows is always in progress because the content reflects ongoing, selected research in the field of neuroscience that is relevant to your work in PSY-7510.  As such, the sources that follow are appropriate for your discussion questions and written assignments.  Most of the sources listed below are available upon your request as .pdf documents from Dr. Daniel.  Each of the sources listed below is correctly formatted in APA style (6th ed.) for your guidance and benefit.  Also, attached is the 126(+)-page Word document through which you may search using specific keywords and the CRTL F keys on your keyboard.

Updated: 7/1/2020

Bibliography Comment by George: Go to these Journal Sites saved in Other Bookmarks/Science & Research: Sensory-Motor Aspects of Nervous Systems Disorders: Insights from Biosensors and smart technology in the dynamic assessment of disorders, their progression, and treatment outcomes | Frontiers Research Topic The Role of the Basal Ganglia in Somatosensory-Motor Interactions: Evidence from Neurophysiology and Behavior | Frontiers Research Topic

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