Good afternoon Tutor, Please help me define and explain the significance of the following terms: -liberal internationalism -national interests
September 3, 2020
A public opinion survey wished to determine if support for new tree clearing laws differed between metropolitan (M) and regional (R) areas.
September 3, 2020
Problem 4An analyst specifies that changes in educ cause wage to change, specificallyfollowing the economic modelwage = Bo + Breduc + E.The analyst is interested in B1.The analyst thinks this is related to the data, and specifics the followingstatistical modelwage, = Po + Phreduc + uBo = Bo B1 – B1.The analyst is concerned that E[u | educ] / 0.i. In your own words, why is it a problem if E[u | educ] / 0?ii. Suppose that an analyst conducts an experiment involving a treatment andcontrol group. The treatment group receives free tuition. The control groupdoes not receive tuition, and pays the normal rate.Let Di be a variable denoting whether individual is in the treatment orcontrol group. Specifically, let D. = 1 denote that the individual is inthe treatment group and receives free tuition, and let D. = 0 denote theindividual is in the control group.Assume that the variable Di was randomly assigned to people by a coinflip. This means we can assume Di and ui are statistically independent.Using this setup, please describe an estimator for /1. Justify why you chosethis estimator.
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