You are the only pharmacist in a small town; the next closest drugstore is 50 miles away. The population in your town consists of young farmers and…
September 3, 2020
Develop a financial analysis for Xiaomi as they are trying to bring their cellphone into the US market. The analysis should address sales forecast,…
September 3, 2020

President Trump has been campaigning for stricter immigration laws and for the deportation of millions of

undocumented workers in the US. These policies can impact an estimated 10 million undocumented workers

currently living in the US. Assume that Trump is successful in his deportation policy and as a result, the

US economy experiences an immediate and permanent decrease in the level of the labor force. In particular,

suppose it decreases permanently from L¯ to L¯0. Assuming the economy starts in its initial steady state, uset he Solow model to explain what happens to the economy over time and in the long run. Comment on whath appens to the level and growth rate of per capita GDP.

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