In a day of production, firms in Angola can produce 200 liters of oil or 100 kilograms of tungsten. Firms in Namibia can produce 160 liters of oil or…
September 3, 2020
For this example , the total supply for both time periods is fixed ( it is a nonrenewable resource after all ) at 120 tons and the discount rate is…
September 3, 2020

Please refer to the article, The Poverty Business, to answer the following questions in 250 words, APA format and references if used. What is the responsibility of for-profit companies to attempt to help customers like Roxanne Tsoisie see the dangers of indebtedness?2. Assuming that Byrider is acting legally, is it acting ethically?3. Under what conditions must costumers take responsibility for their decisions?4. Do you believe that customers who are poor credit risks deserve to be charged higher interest rates? If you say yes, are you not taking advantage of customers who can least afford to pay extra for the things that they buy?5. Do you believe that every consumer pays hidden or unanticipated charges for the things that they buy? High interest rates on unpaid balances? Annual membership fees? Service charges? Are such charges ethical? Do you want to work for companies that make such charges?

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