Please read Case Study-Tony’s Dismissal from Syarikat Zumaju Sdn Bhd. And please answer the following questions:

Case StudyTony’s Dismissal from Syarikat Zumaju Sdn. Bhd.The Information Technology Manager reported to the HR Manager that Tony had sent several highlyconfidential company files to his personal email address. This had been discovered when a random checkof all computers used by managerial level staff was conducted. The CEO of the company was furious at thisseeming betrayal. He wanted Tony to be dismissed immediately, without notice. He was very reluctant toaccept the HR Manager’s argument that proper procedures must be followed before Tony could be dismissedfor misconduct.Case Questions1 What are the procedures that the Human Resource Manager should follow in a situation like this?2 What are the possible consequences if the Human Resource Manager terminates Tony’s service withoutfollowing proper procedures?

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