Nonlinear optics
November 27, 2021
Aesthetic and Affective Lesson Plan
November 27, 2021

My assignment states: In your report you should breifly outline the pros and cons for conservation

areas such as the Flamborough No Take Zone (NTZ) and other Marine Conservation Zones (MCZ) &

Marine Protected Areas (MPA). It should be structed like ­ Intro: Breif and concise overview over

existing studies on marine conservation areas and their effectiveness. But I will upload the full

document to read so it can be further understood but the only part that needs writing has already

been mentioned here.


Becasue it is not a whole paper and it is only the introduction that is being written then 6 references 7 

should be fine. If not then I dont mind having 5 references but, this would be the minium as I am

required to have 1 reference per 50 words as an average

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