Critical Analysis of Digit Ratio and Spatial Cognitive Ability
November 28, 2021
Inductive and a Deductive Approach to Knowledge
November 28, 2021

Nursing Theories and Middle-Range Theories


1.Describe how Roy’s adaptation nursing model applies to your project.


You may begin by explaining that the project to be developed of providing pelvic ultrasound with the purpose of early detection of possible ovarian cancer is directly related to Roy’s adaptation model. The model explains nursing practice, education and research and the project seeks to educate patients in regards to ovarian cancer and change practice by including this service with annual gynecological examination.

2.How does this theoretical concepts guides my ideas about the problem, etiology, population, intervention and outcomes?

Population is women between 30-45 years of age.

3. How does the Roy’s adaptation model apply to the project and provide one example.


APA REFERENCES 3 (within the last 5 years please)


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