NQ4Fall 28% 11:17 PM How much does each state contribute to the US economy?

NQ4Fall 28% 11:17 PMHow much does eachstate contribute to theUS economy?07 Sep 2015Matthew SpeiserEditorial intern, Business InsiderThe US is the richest nation in the world, with anannual GDP of $17.3 trillion in 2014. However,some states are greater contributors to theeconomy than others. To illustrate differencesamong state economies, the folks at HowMuch.netcreated a chart that shows the relative economicvalue of each US state.The states are also color-coded based on whichregion of the country they’re in.IL 4.3%0.5%OH 3.4%1 85OKMI 2.6%WI 1.7%IN 1.8%New York 8.1%Texas 9.5%NH 0 4% FI O7%MDCT 1.5% 0.3PA 3.8%2.0%MA 2.7%IA 1.0%DE 0.4%NJ 3.2%MN 1.8%TN1.7% WARCalifornia 13.3%GAMO 1.62.8%2%LA 1.5%Florida 4.9%2.8%WA 2.5%NV 0.8% HIVA 2.7%AK 0.3%US Economy by StatehowMuch .netThe three regions that contribute the most to theeconomy are the Far West (18.6%), Southeast(21.3%), and Mideast (18.2%). California (13.3%),Texas (9.5%), and New York (8.1%) have the largesteconomies in the country.Maine, Rhode Island, North Dakota, South Dakota,Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska all represent about0.3% of the US economy each, and, at 0.2%,Vermont has the smallest economy of all 50 states.This article is published in collaboration withBusiness Insider. Publication does not implyendorsement of views by the World EconomicForum.To keep up with the Agenda subscribe to ourweekly newsletter.Author: Matthew Speiser is an editorial intern forBusiness InsiderImage: The Washington Monument is seen with anAmerican flag flying in the foreground inWashington, February 22, 2002. REUTERS/MollyRileyShareWritten byMatthew Speiser, Editorial (7), Business Insider
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