Atkins low-carb diet craze was preventing the orange growers from realizing higher market prices (orange concentrate contains 9% carbohydrates…
September 3, 2020
should the monopolist sell to the corporate users and at what price? What quantity should the monopolist sell to the regular users and at what price?…
September 3, 2020

what is the answer of the question? would the answer be 80?

Marginal SocialQuantity*MarginalMarginalCost ( dollars( number ofPrivateSocialper course )students )benefitBenefit1004, 5002060804, 0004080603, 50060100403, 00080120202 , 500100140The table above gives the marginal social cost ( which equals the price ) , marginalprivate benefit , and marginal social benefit of students attending Diablo Valley*College ( DVC ) in Concord , California .If the government can set the price per course , in order to have the efficientquantity of students attending DVC , what should the government set as the price ?80

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