Assignment and Public Health material
November 27, 2021
Design Analysis
November 27, 2021

The platform for your summative assignment is the identification of a practice based activity (formative submission) that you observed or where directly involved in, this should be no more than 400 words and will be used as an appendix for your summative assignment. This is a case study and not reflective assignment so the activity you use will be a means of examining theory and its application to practice, both positively and of negatively. An example case study template is provided as guidance and can be found on Blackboard in Assignment shell. 

The identified practice based activity should have occurred while you were working worked within a multidisciplinary setting and there were elements of the intervention where leadership skills were necessary.

The assignment should include an outline of the circumstances surrounding the need for collaborative working. The identification of those agencies involved in the situation, with a brief summary of the outcome.

The 3000 words will be used to;
• Identify the key areas for debate and discussion; leadership, management and collaborative activities. 
• Of the strategies identified was the action appropriate in all areas, and provide academic rationale for your reasoning. 
• Use literature AND RESEARCH to demonstrate your critical ability and why the theory supports the decisions either positively or negatively. 
• Overall you should amalgamate leadership and collaboration to inform theoretical perspectives and demonstrate understanding; there are contributors within the literature who argue that there has to be distinction between theory and its relationship to utility within the context of collaboration or leadership.

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