Discussion questions below. Discussion must contain a minimum of 150 words with reference. Aggregate Supply (AS) and Aggregate Demand (AD) model and AS/AD curves are essential to understand macroeconomic fluctuations (business cycles). Discuss the importance AS-AD model in explaining the macroeconomic conditions of the economy and business cycles like recessions. What factors shift AS and AD curves? How do you explain macroeconomic fluctuations using AS-AD model and AS/AD curves?
September 3, 2020
Using demand and supply diagrams, show the difference in deadweight loss between (a) a market with inelastic demand and supply and (b) a market with…
September 3, 2020

Journal discussion questions below.  A minimum of 150 with references.

  • The interest rate affects the investment patterns in the economy. A friend of yours suggests a get-rich-quick scheme: Borrow from the nation with the lower nominal interest rate, invest in the nation with the higher nominal interest rate, and profit from the interest-rate differential. Do you see any potential problems with this idea? Explain. What are the cons of the strategy?
  • Consumer spending during holiday seasons affects the aggregate demand (AD) in the economy. AD drastically declines during serious recessions. In 1939, with the U.S. economy not yet fully recovered from the Great Depression, President Roosevelt proclaimed that Thanksgiving would fall a week earlier than usual so that the shopping period before Christmas would be longer. Explain what President Roosevelt might have been trying to achieve, using the model of aggregate demand and aggregate supply. Was the policy effective to increase AD?
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