Attitudes measured by implicit attitude tests and questionnaires
November 27, 2021
Assignment 1: Reflective Essay Assignment
November 27, 2021

IP Research Annotated Bibliography Question

IP Research Annotated Bibliography

Research paper that links a piece of media (i.e. movie, T.V. show episode) to your understanding of the concepts (Considering Self, Perceiving Others, or Experiencing and Expressing Emotions). Any of those 3 are fine.

For this assignment, you are asked to research potential sources in content areas you might be interested in covering within your final project paper (e.g. romantic relationships and conflict; family relationships and siblings, etc.). So, to help you focus:

· what topics have been covered in our chapters that you are interested in so far? ( Experiencing and Expressing Emotions)

· what will we discuss in the future that you want to learn more about? ( Self-improvement)

Keep in mind the purpose is to have a reference list of possible sources to use and cite within your final paper, so that you are not having to do as much research when you are focused on writing it.


The specific research/source requirements for this assignment are as follows:

· Each student is expected to locate a minimum of ten (10) sources overall, for at least three different topic areas. (e.g.  power and conflict, romantic relationships, cross-sex friendships, family, active listening, etc.)

· Your sources should vary from a combination of books, articles (e.g. newspaper, magazine), websites, blogs, scholarly journal articles (i.e. professional publications from various communication organizations, like Communication Quarterly), etc.

· At least two (2) books are required as part of your sources. Please note that you are not required to read the entire text, but should submit a summary in your own words of information contained in the abstract. IP Research Annotated Bibliography Question

· At least two (2) scholarly journal articles are required as part of your sources as well. Once again, the summary of the article should be in your own words.

o Examples: Communication Research, Journal of Applied Communication Research, Communication MonographsCommunication Quarterly, etc.

Formatting Requirements for your Final Submission:

· You should include a cover page as the first page which includes the following: your name, SPCH 1318-XXX (section number), date, and Annotated Bibliography Assignment (title)

· All sources should be organized in numerical and alphabetical order according to the last name of the author and cited using APA formatting. Not familiar with APA styles of citations? For assistance and examples of source citations copy and paste the following link in your Internet browser:

o Be sure to look for the sections titled “Reference List” to find the information you need quickly.

· At the end of each citation you need to give a five to seven sentence statement including the following:

o Brief summary of what the article, book, etc. covers or discusses

o Why this source is a good source for your upcoming research paper

o Why this source is a credible source for you to use in your research paper. Please consult the IP Research Annotated Bibliography section in our Blackboard course page for a reading about determining if a source is reliable. (CRAAP Test)

Your submission will be graded on the following elements: formatting directions followed, number of citations submitted (more than ten are welcome!), quality of the summary/abstract submitted, number of topics covered, and rationale for source credibility.




IP Research Annotated Bibliography Question

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