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November 27, 2021
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November 27, 2021

This assignment is worth 20% of your ECON241 final mark.
Ø Unless it is specifically mentioned in the question, DO NOT copy and paste any Gretl output.

Ø Use Gretl to find critical values and p-values for all your test.
To save the data file: Right click on the data file and select ‘Save Link As.’ and save the
data file.
Note: Note: There will be a deduction of 20% of the total available marks for each 24
hour period or part thereof that the submission is late (for example, 25 hours late in
submission – 40% penalty).
Total marks: 50
The data file, House.gdt, contains data on house prices and various other determinants of
house prices. The variables are defined as follows:
price = house price, dollars.
sqmt = total living area in square metre (m2)
bdrms = number of bedrooms
age = age of house in years
traditional = 1 if traditional style; = 0 if other, such as townhouse, contemporary, etc.
small = 1 if (sqmt < 150; = 0 otherwise.
Medium = 1 if (sqmt ≥150 and sqmt <300); 0 otherwise.
Large = 1 if (sqmt > 300); 0 otherwise.
(Your answers to the questions regarding hypothesis testing should include all the
following steps: The null and alternative hypotheses, test statistic, the distribution of
the test statistic under the null including the degrees of freedom, critical value(s),
decision rule and your conclusion. Follow and show all the hypothesis test steps
described in Chapter 3.4 in the textbook HGL, 4e. Use the critical value method to
make a decision. Assume that the random errors in the regression models are normally
Restrict your sample only for small houses for Q1-Q4 : (To restrict sample in Gretl
à select “sample” à “Restrict, based on criterion” à check box “Use dummy
variable” à then choose “small” from the dummy variable list. Note that there are
275 small houses in our sample. Gretl would show you the sample size as 1-275 after
you have restricted.)

1. [5 marks] Obtain a scatter plot between house price (price) against total square metre (sqmt) and comment on your plot. Copy and paste your graph here.
(To obtain a scatter plot in Gretl, → View → graph specified vars → XY Scatter → X-axis variables (sqrft) →Y-axis variable (price) and ok.)

2. [5 marks] Estimate the following linear regression model.

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