Nursing Theories and Middle-Range Theories
November 28, 2021
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November 28, 2021

Inductive and a Deductive Approach to Knowledge

Identify the independent and dependent variables in each of the following hypotheses: Children with cancer who have a high sense of humor have greater immune function and less incidence of infections as compared with children with a low sense of humor. Attitude and perceived control significantly predict the intention of newly diagnosed patients with type 1 diabetes to enroll in a diabetes education program.  Inductive and a Deductive Approach to Knowledge


Spinal cord–injured patients treated on the kinetic treatment table have a decreased length of stay in the neuro intensive-care unit as compared with spinal cord–injured patients who are immobilized on the Stryker frame/wedge turning device. There is a difference in the intensity, quality, and location of chest pain in patients who have had internal mammary artery grafting following coronary artery bypass surgery as compared with patients who have had only saphenous vein grafting. There is a relationship between various health-related, physiological, and balloon-related factors and the development of lower limb ischemia in patients treated with the intra-aortic balloon pump. Below is a list of topics that could be investigated. Develop one simple hypothesis for each topic. -Presence of father in delivery room and mother’s level of pain -Relaxation therapy and hypertension -Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and body mass index (BMI) -Preoperative anxiety and educational intervention Select a research study/report with a well-developed theoretical framework. -Describe how the theoretical framework influenced the steps in the research process. -Differentiate between an inductive and a deductive approach to discovering new knowledge. -Explain the difference between a theoretical and an operational definition.  Inductive and a Deductive Approach to Knowledge

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